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As a golfer who has injured two people, one when I was only 8, the other when I was 19, both were accidental and some 30 years ago! Today I would not go out on the golf course without a golf insurance policy, whether it is a wayward ball or a miss-timed swing of the golf club, do you really want to put yourself and your immediate family at financial risk.

Previously a golfer would rely on shouting "Fore" and hope for the best but today even that may not protect you.

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There have been many cases in the news as golfers get sued.

In the UK there was a golfer who lost an eye and sued the player who struck the ball and the golf club, the player was found 70% responsible and the club 30% for not putting up enough signs - Golfer sues for £400,000

In Ireland there was the case where a woman sued a golfer after having been hit in the head and the woman then suffered a stroke - Irish Times story.

In the USA the recent case of a woman who got hit in the head by a golf ball, the woman is sueing the course and the player -

Why take the risk, get your insurance today and if travelling to the USA add in the worldwide coverage.

Where does the word "FORE" come from

The British Golf Museum, says that the word FORE was probably derived from the word forecaddie.
The term may be derived from forecaddie. The forecaddie was employed to go ahead of players to mark the lie of balls in play. In 1881, Robert Forgan in The Golfer’s Handbook, makes the following reference “…shouts “Fore!” to give the alarm to anyone in his way.”

A ForeCaddie is used today and will be found at competitions and some very upmarket golf courses, this person does not carry any clubs but is used to spot and mark the lie of any ball, this also helps keep play moving along as the forcaddie can rush ahead and find any ball that has ended up in the rough, he is not affiliated to any golfer but is provided by either the golf course or the competion provider. According to the R&A a forecaddie is classified as an Ourside Agency.

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